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IT service providers employ many tools to effectively handle their clients’ IT requirements. One of that software is an RMM program. The Remote monitoring and management (RMM) program is also known as network management or remote monitoring software. It is a type of software created to help managed service providers (MSPs) remotely and proactively monitor client endpoints, networks, and computers. This is also now known as or referred to as remote IT management.

ITarian Explains What is RMM

Remote Management is managing a computer or a network from a remote location. It involves installing software and managing all activities on the systems/network, workstations, servers or endpoints of a client, from a remote location.

Remote Monitoring (also shortened to RMON) refers to the specification that helps MSPs monitor network operational activities of their clients by using remote devices, which are known as probes or monitors. This helps MSPs ensure efficient network infrastructure control and management.

The Benefits of an RMM Tool

Since the RMM is expected to help MSPs in managing network operational activities of their clients, this also comes with numerous benefits when an MSP tech properly employs this software.

# 1: Monitoring

An RMM software helps small and medium businesses (SMBs) with enterprise-level automation and monitoring.

# 2: Identifying Issues

An RMM software helps detect issues before they cause crises or critical system failures. The reports within the RMM software can alert the MSP in case there are emergencies and issues that arise.

# 3: Systematic Management

RMM helps in the systematic management of clients’ IT requirements. All of the data and the requirements are listed within the RMM platform

#4: Performance Enhancement

RMM helps enhance the performance of clients’ systems because the MSP monitors the the endpoints real time. The MSP can alert the clients about their IT system performance whenever needed.

# 5: Life Span Extension

RMM helps extend life span of clients’ systems and devices because the MSP can prevent system damage.

# 6: End User Productivity

RMM helps ensure better end-user productivity

# 7: Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction

RMM helps clients get better customer loyalty and satisfaction because their expectations are met.

# 8: Keeping Issues Under Control

RMM helps MSPs keep client-related issues under control or avoid issues and thereby ensure higher profit margins.

# 9: Client Base Expansion Provide

RMM helps MSPs expand their client base and provide better service because an efficient RMM allows MSPs to give good results.

# 10: Optimal Network Stability

RMM helps ensure optimal network stability as it monitors the entire IT system performance of each registered client on the RMM software.

The Major Functions of RMM Software Provide

The RMM software has two separate functions for MSPs and break fix customers. Yet, the RMM software serves great contribution to both MSPs ad break fix customers. Here is the list of RMM functions.

For MSPs Provide

Functions # 1: The RMM helps gather insight about client networks- includes gaining information about machine health and status and supplying reports and data about client systems/networks.

Functions # 2: The RMM maintains client systems and keep them up to date.

Functions # 3: The RMM tracks issues and resolve them remotely. This is done by generating alerts (tickets) and resolving issues.

Functions # 4: The RMM helps resolve issues even before clients notice them.

Functions # 5: The RMM remotely administers patches and install software and updates using a single, unified dashboard.

Functions # 6: The RMM administers tasks simultaneously to many systems at once from a remote location.

Functions # 7: The RMM automates scheduled maintenance tasks at clients’ locations.

For Break-Fix Customers

Functions # 1: The RMM resolves issues for break-fix customers who are facing issues pertaining to inconsistent work-flow for the IT provider.

Functions # 2: The RMM helps break-fix customers who face multiple problems.

Functions # 3: The RMM resolves minor issues that could lead to bigger issues if unchecked.

Functions # 4: Helps resolve minor issues that could lead to bigger issues if unchecked, outdated systems and with irregular updates or upgrades and data breaches.


The Remote Monitoring and Management tool provides great things to MSPs and clients. It is just a matter of properly choosing the RMM tool provider. In ITarian, you get an RMM software platform loaded with innovative technology plus the online assistance of RMM experts who will help in resolving issues and provide first-class insights on minor details. If you are interested about the ITarian RMM, please visit our website to know more.

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